The Rise of 88Rising (Tulanda Post #2)

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88Rising is a record label and multimedia marketing group all rolled into one. The group was founded by Japanese-Korean American Sean Miyashiro and Chinese American Jaeson Ma in 2015.

The group was started by Miyashiro’s notice of “more Asian people creating damn good shit,”  and figuring that it needed to be agglomerated somewhere. He credits “the beautiful Asian immigrant hustle” in himself and his parents to pushing him to work and build up the collective to where it is today (i-D).

The group features artists like Joji (Japanese-Australian), Rich Brian (Indonesian), and Keith Ape (South Korean) among others. Collaborations with the group often feature them singing/rapping in multiple languages, a clear association to who they are and their uncompromising nature on their background. Though they operate as independent artists, their newer work is all housed on the 88Rising YouTube page and they are often featured on the various 88Rising social media platforms.

88 rising yt88rising ig

Fitting with the new-age Millennial/Gen-Z audience that the company is going for, much of the 88Rising is on its social media itself, as opposed to a formal website. The only formal site associated with the group is 88NIGHTMARKET, which is primarily for merchandising but features the following blurb in their about section: “We grew up on the streets of night markets – from chinatowns to China towns and every Asian neighborhood in between.” (88NIGHTMARKET). This both directly embraces their Asian identities and credits it for its influence on the art that they now create.

The group is not very big on getting into the doors they are opening or how inspirational they may be for others, but they are definitely cognizant of it. “The unspoken truth that we know we’re doing something important, that we represent something great,” says Miyashiro (i-D).  This understated approach to their impact reflects the removal of the burden of a culture and identity on them, and further solidifies them as artists creating their craft.

From collaborations with American artists, music festivals, and merchandise to popular channels and pages across all major social media platforms, 88Rising and the artists it highlights are going to be a cultural mainstay for years to come.

Dunn, Frankie. “88 Rising Are Starting A Global Music Revolution” i-D. Vice. 12 Nov 2018.

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