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Tim Chantarangsu, born from parents of asian heritage is a Youtuber, rapper and Instagram influencer. He is mostly known from the comedy roast show, Wild’n Out. Tim has 1.5M instagram followers, 4.7M Youtube subscribers and 571K Twitter followers. Apart from rapping, Tim also does comedy videos on Youtube mostly about Asian Culture.

On Wild’n Out, Timothy has been criticized of embracing stereotypical asian jokes, but many have also come to his defense stating that those jokes are part of the show and are not in any way harmful to the larger Asian American community.

Timothy and other small scale influencers like him are who Kido Lopez attributes the ability of Asian American to cross into mainstream media to. Tim himself, has had an interesting journey as far becoming a mainstream influencer is concerned. He recently has been featured in shows with more prominent celebrities, and is also able to attract buzz from his youtube interviews of other celebrities.

Timothy’s Youtube, though meant for comedy is also very educational. He makes videos about Asian American culture that are able to resonate with all races and gunner millions of views. He tackles topics such as dating, food, and race & cultural appropriation. Tim currently has over 800M views on his channel. Here are some videos that could be considered both comedic and educational:

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