Social Media Group Film Presentation – Isha Singh

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Having done this presentation in collaboration with Maddie, Katie, and Kenzo, this theme that we studied in Asian American media was incredibly interesting and brought up many questions about representation in the social media world.

Social media platforms have risen in popularity over the last decade at an overwhelming rate. That being said, the use of such platforms by individuals with different messages to spread out into the digital world has also skyrocketed. More specifically, social media has allowed for people of color and other minority populations in the Western world to increase their public presence.

However, in our presentation we wanted to analyze whether or not such individuals were helping to break the stereotypes placed upon minority populations, specifically towards Asian Americans, or if there was an increased divide between “old” culture and Western culture.

Through the multiple readings to prepare for discussion in the presentation, we found that it was common for Asian American influencers to represent themselves as either being extremely “Asian” in accordance to society’s opinion of what that explicitly means or extremely Western. This posed the question of can there be a hybrid identity of representation by Asian influencers? And if there is, is that because of an intentional self-representation or is it by accident? Would having a specific intention behind the public display help to draw awareness to breaking those very limiting stereotypes?

Such questions allowed for very thorough and insightful discussions during the week of our presentation, and makes me continue to question the representation of Asian Americans across various social media platforms.

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