Final Project- Jackie- Post 4/6

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Bretman Rock


Bretman Rock is a friend of Nikita Dragun, but his Youtube channel stands on its own. Bretman Rock started his channel in 2012 and now has 6.85 million subscribers and over 368 million views.[1] Bretman Rock is a Filipino male who gained popularity with his Q&A’s, tags, and makeup transformation videos. He engages the viewer with his outgoing personality, which explains why his videos where he just talks at the camera are the most popular. Bretman also experiments with makeup, posting tutorials like “How To Contour” and “How To Do Eyebrows” for AAPI males like him.[2] Bretman does not ignore his AAPI identity, as he has videos like “Filipino Question and Answer” where he speaks partly in Tagala. Bretman talks about his hometown in the Philippines, what his favorite Filipino show is, and other topics that relate to Filipino culture.[3] This video connects him with his Filipino viewers specifically because they can understand his references to the culture.

Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 7.54.35 PM.png

Lori Lopez says that Asian Americans are usually limited by a “bamboo ceiling” online and can’t break into the mainstream media, but this is not the case with Youtube creators.[4] Without Youtube, Bretman Rock and Nikita Dragun could not have had the visibility and influence necessary to create makeup collections of their own. Asian American identity has not limited these influencer’s growth but instead increased it, as they can attract mainstream viewers as well as the AAPI community. Lopez says that “Asian Americans are evading the systemic racism of media institutions through digital outlets and their unique affordances.”[5] Not only are they defying racism, but they are eliminating it on a larger scale due to their high exposure and intersectional identities.

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  • 1. asianamericansinmedia  |  December 24, 2019 at 3:10 am

    Another fascinating case study. How does your discussion of Lopez relate to the scholarship of Pham. Although the focus of her study is Asian fashion bloggers, much of her analysis can also apply Asian and Asian American beauty bloggers. Also, you mentioned race as factor in your discussion. How about gender and sexuality?

    Prof Ma


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