Final Project- Jackie- Post 3/6

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Nikita Dragun


Nikita Dragun is an Asian American transgender Youtuber who started her career in 2014. Originally called “NYC Dragon,” Nikita started her channel with beauty videos and Q&As and now has 2.61 million subscribers and over 161 million total views.[1] Nikita’s videos focus a lot on her transgender identity, as she transitioned during her college years. Nikita’s only Youtube playlist is “TRANSformation,” where she has thirteen videos about her transition from male to female. Some of her videos include “I Got Kicked Out for Being Transgender,” “Have I Gotten THE Surgery,” and “Recreating My Prom As a Girl.”[2]

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One video that stands out is “Our Daughter is Transgender,” which features Nikita and her parents. Nikita’s parents candidly answer questions about what it was like for them when Nikita was transitioning.[3] This video is a good and accessible resource for other parents and their children who are transitioning. Nikita focuses her channel and brand on the transgender community. For example, the bio of “Our Daughter is Transgender” says: “Visibility is important. The HRC and myself are committed to the cause. Click this link to find transgender resources, information for parents, schools, health and workplace resources and more:”[4]

Nikita uses her Youtube platform for more than making fun videos—she aims to spread acceptance and promote inclusivity regarding the transgender community and creates an online space where the community can come together. Nikita has used her platform to create a makeup brand of her own called Dragun Beauty, whose target consumer is the LGBTQ+ community but it promotes the inclusivity of everyone. Their mission statement states: “We’re all about empowering beauty lovers of all shapes, skin tones and sexualities as we journey along the road to self-discovery; unleashing the fantasy within.”[5] Nikita’s brand is all about inclusivity, and she has been able to use her Youtube platform to make a positive impact with her viewers.

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  • 1. asianamericansinmedia  |  December 24, 2019 at 3:01 am

    This post is about a fascinating case study. I would like to see you analyze your subject’s social media persona and her media practice more, and then link that analysis to scholarship on Asian Americans and social media.

    Prof Ma


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