Final Project- Jackie- Post 1/6

December 16, 2019 at 3:36 am 1 comment


Youtube, founded in 2005, has come to be the biggest online sharing platform, where anyone can upload a video and launch themselves to fame. A large sect of Youtube is the beauty community, where creators post about makeup, fashion, and beauty related topics. These beauty influencers typically start unaffiliated with any brand and candidly share their experience and interactions with makeup. Asian Americans have a popular influence in the beauty community. Some of the most popular Asian American beauty gurus on Youtube are Michelle Phan, Nikita Dragun, Bretman Rock, and Patrick Starr. These four influencers have used their passion for makeup to create brands with millions of followers. Because of their channels, Asian American viewers can look up to someone like them who is a symbol of beauty and they can learn how to do makeup on faces like theirs. The Asian American beauty community draws crowds outside of the AAPI community as well because of their intersectional identities, namely the LGBTQ+ community. For example, Nikita Dragun is transgender, Bretman Rock pushes male stereotypes by wearing makeup, and Patrick Starr does drag performances, which attests to the correlation between the AAPI and LGBTQ+ community on Youtube. The open and individualistic platform of Youtube allows Asian American beauty influencers to attract intersectional niche crowds and to promote inclusivity and confidence.


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Social Media Post- Nikita Dragun- Jackie Jones Final Project-Jackie- Post 2/6

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  • 1. asianamericansinmedia  |  December 24, 2019 at 2:37 am

    Interesting premise for your final project. I am particularly intrigued by your selection of four case studies that combine race and sexuality as well as gender identity in their social media personae. What is missing for me in this introduction is a critical framework or reference to ideas and theories that will guide your exploration and analyses in this project.

    Prof Ma


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