Film Festival Reflection-Amber Zhou

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This is the first time I join the preparation of a film festival program. It is not easy to do such an event because there are different things the team needs to work one, for example, the food, the guest speaker, schedule, and advertising. As the organizer, we have to know the film well first and design a plan. I was surprised by how much work the organizer needs to do for a festival.

Since the budget is not a problem in this case and the target audience in our case is mainly focuses on Claremont Colleges, students, and family lives around this area, we need to analysis their interest and work to attract more people. Free food is a big selling point, so we plan to have a food truck. We separate the film into two days with different topics. The bonfire is a brilliant idea that holds people together and connects with environmental justice. We did a lot of research on the history and events related to the film so the audience can understand the context better. The Child-Parents relationship is also an interesting topic covered in films. We plan to make a family day with those films, and they are multi-language so that the audience could be various.

Thanks to Visual Communities to offer the film and information for us to work. All the team members give their suggestions on how to make the program better, and we worked well.

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