(Third Blog Post) Film Festival Planning Reflection – Bry Hong

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Planning the film festival was an interesting process. Given the pool of films that we had to work with was a pool that had already been through a selective process for the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, our work was made much easier. We didn’t have as many films to watch, and going in, we already knew that the quality of the films we had to choose from were already vouched for.

Thanks to the richness in the content and the variety of topics broached by the films, it was difficult to choose one theme because there were so many that we could choose and still have a powerful program. Because our goal was to program an event that college students would want to attend, we sifted through different potential themes to find one that college students would care about. Even then, because there were so many great films to choose from, it was a difficult task settling on one that would exclude some personal favorites, but compromises had to be made.

Aside from just the films, the process of figuring out logistics and planning non-screening attractions for the festival was a useful lesson in planning events in the future. We had to think on the side of the attendees to understand what we would like to see as attendees as well as on the side of the planner to make the appropriate decisions that must factor in budget, schedules of filmmakers, weather, availability of food trucks, among other factors.

Overall, it was a learning process of creating an original film festival, which was something I had never done before. Thanks to this process, I was able to watch great Asian American films, and that made it worth it.

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