Subtle Asian Traits and the Asian Safe Space – Bry Hong

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Subtle Asian Traits is a Facebook group with most of its content focused on the Asian identity, both as immigrants and natives, operating as a safe space for Asians. When Subtle Asian Traits entered the scene, it took the global Asian community by storm, gracing the screens of millennials and Gen Z across the world. According to an interview with the creators by Isabella Kwai for the New York Times, “How ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ Became a Global Hit,” the creators didn’t envision this turnout when they first started. They said, “The concept was simple: Share jokes about the traits, subtle or otherwise, that characterized the Asian-Australian experience, from cultural clashes with parents and the sanctity of bubble milk tea, to the groan-worthy pickup lines from white men on dating apps. (Are you from Asia? Because I’m China get your number.)”

At first, the creators created the group for themselves, to joke about their own experiences as immigrants or children of immigrants. Little did they know, their desire to have a separate space for Asians online where they could share niche memes and stories was shared by Asians all over the world. Currently, the group has over 1.6 million members, a testament to how quickly it gained traction among young Asians desiring an online safe space to call their own. “The endless stream of memes in the “Subtle Asian Traits” group provides relief — it’s a chance to belong for once without having to try,” shares the NYTimes article, showing that the demand was always there, it only took a couple of kids from Australia to get the wheel rolling.

Source: How ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ Became a Global Hit (NYTimes, Isabella Kwai)

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