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Based on Minh-Ha T Pham’s article about the new social influencer, I researched social media influencer in China, Han Huohuo. I found Han is famous in the fashion industry in China with his style of dressing. There is an interview with Susie Bubble and Han in; they both agree with the idea that fashion blogs and social media played a significant role in fashion. The fashion blog is the path that Susie Bubble get famous on the internet; some times the fashion bloggers can be the trend rather than other well-known celebrities. Han is different than other stylists, “he steps out in high-heel shoes, carries brand-name women’s bags, and stirs heated debate on the Internet, which led to him being labeled “Witch Man” by Chinese netizens.” However, his specialty is the reason that made him famous in China. In recent years, a spate of media and scholarly attention has focused on the Asian creative class, particularly fashion bloggers, YouTube video makers, maverick chefs, fashion designers, and software start-up founders. Due to the Internet restriction in China, Han does not have access to post his blog on foreign social media, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Weibo is the most popular social media in China and as a way, relates to the social trend.
Another example I have talked about in the class is the “lipstick brother” Li Jiaqi. He holds the Guinness record of applying lipstick to most people in 30 seconds. Li can sell 15,000 lipstick in 5 minutes. If they do have access to foreign countries, will they be the same success as they are in China?

Social Media Influencers

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