Third Blog Post: Amy Wong of Futurama by Kristine

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The satirical cartoon Futurama was on air from 1999-2013. Noted for their witty quips and political commentary, Futurama for many remains a hilarious adult cartoon for many. It follows primarily Phillip J. Fry, a dim-witted man from the year 1999 who is cryogenically preserved and wakes up a thousand years later in the year 3000, where he befriends a criminal robot and a one-eyed purple-haired woman named Leela.

In Futurama, there are a few side characters, one of them in particular Amy Wong. What is so interesting about Amy Wong is that she does not actually encompass a typical Asian American stereotype, but is actually the embodiment of a rich white Valley girl in an Asian body. She speaks with a distinctive airhead voice, has a very sexually-alluring body, and is very wealthy and promiscuous.

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Her immigrant parents, however, are physical portrayals of common stereotypes of Asian immigrants. It is a very interesting choice of the writers to align Amy Wong with a stereotypical white girl instead of the traditional “Dragon Lady.” She instead is not perceived as a model minority and is barely ever taken seriously, especially in cases of academics. She is now the hyperfeminine woman who must rely on her sexuality to get her places.

She however is still hypersexualized like many Asian women in media, but her case is a little different. Amy presents herself as the basic white girl, and the only case she seems saliently Asian is when she curses in Cantonese. Considering that Futurama is a very satirical cartoon, and their commentary on Amy Wong’s character development can be a critique of society.

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