Film Festival Response~ Alissa Elk

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I learned a lot through the process of putting together a hypothetical film festival group project. Although there were aspects of the group process that were tough at times (such as finding a time for everyone to meet, divvying tasks, a having little time to prepare), overall I am incredibly pleased with the content that my group produced as well as the collaborative work that we did together. The only thing I would have preferred was more time to work on this film festival as I was not aware of how much thought and time went into the planning behind each decision we wanted to make for this film festival. All the films and shorts that we were planning on showcasing had to have a specific reason behind it and connecting factors to the rest of the program and films for that day. Additionally, we also had to think very critically of the order that the films and shorts that were being shown in order to best represent our ideas,  keep the flow of the film, allow the audience to stay engaged, and seem comprehensive. I also realized the importance of media, advertising, and having distinct audiences that the film festival was geared towards (and thinking of ways to draw in these audiences).

Throughout doing this film festival project I watched many films and shorts that I, unfortunately, don’t think I would have ever watched unless being assigned to. That being said, each film and short depicted such important themes and opened up valuable discourse opportunities for the viewers. I really value every piece that I saw. Additionally, after contributing to the planning for the festival in general and seeing how much work and thought went behind each decision, I see these films and shorts as pure forms of art. It was pretty incredible to see myself being able to relate to animations that were only a couple minutes long. This definitely makes me interested in more work that is produced by lesser-known filmmakers as well as desiring the opportunity to go to more film festivals now.

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