Asian Americans in Social Media: Ur Mom Ashley – Katie Eu

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Ashley, also known as Ur Mom Ashley, is an American Youtuber of Korean descent. Her mother is full Korean and her father is from mixed white decent. Ashley mainly focuses on makeup and lifestyle (vlog) videos with some funny content like “I turned my face into a topographic map.” She began her Youtube channel in April of 2013 and has since amassed almost 500,000 subscribers on the platform.

Her Youtube channel exploded in popularity due to videos like “BiG aSs VANS COLLECTION + HONEST REVIEW” and her most popular videos to date are fashion haul videos. One of her most successful videos is titled “trying to adhere to KOREAN beauty standards” where she tries Korean makeup for the first time and explains each product and its uses to her audience. She also consistently posts videos such as “MAKING KOREAN DONUTS!!” and “baby jungkook reacts to KPOP for the first time” which explore Korean culture in a digestible way for her American audience.

She has since capitalised on her fame and has created merchandise with the company Bonfire. She currently sells t-shirts and sweatshirts with her catchphrase ‘dynamic’ printed on the front.

Ashley parallels the case study of SuperBadFilm brought up by Lopez in the reading. Memetic videos, described as “the style and content of their videos are derived from and based upon other popular internet memes,” is a style of video Ashley capitalizes on (160). Even her most popular video, the aforementioned “trying to adhere to KOREAN beauty standards,” pokes fun of the Korean beauty standard of pale skin and rosy lips. She touches on her ‘Americanization’ process and how her Korean ethnicity fits into her daily life and perception of self throughout the video, yet the main genre of the video is comedy. As Lopez mentioned in the reading, the use of memetic content appeals to a broader audience, and Ashley does just that.

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