Asian Americans in Social Media: Aimee Song – Maddie Kwun

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I have been following Aimee Song for a couple of months now. I first started watching her fashion blog on YouTube after I first saw her company featured in something on Instagram. I have visited her website and Instagram page frequently because she is Korean American (like me), and she has a significant following and stylish tips for her broad audience. She relates to the influencer material provided by Professor Ma because she is a part of the creative class defined by Minh-Ha T Pham. Aimee Song has been able to make a living out of her blog and YouTube channel, that started at first, and then her very own fashionable company “Song of Style” that is sold at REVOLVE online and in stores around the US and quite possibly worldwide.

Aimee_Song_of_Style_MetoWe_Jacquemus_Polka_Dot_Blouse_Outfit_OOTDAccording to Pham, especially “today, English-speaking Asian superbloggers are also well positioned to provide important contributions to Western fashion’s expansion into and capture of emerging and dynamic Asian markets… The bloggers are racially matched with the Asian consumers whom Western fashion companies have set their sights on. At the same time, because the bloggers are English speakers, they are familiarly and knowably Western. They are just racially exotic enough to have a wide market appeal—to Asian as well as to non-Asian English-speaking consumers and retailers—yet not so foreign that their racial difference disrupts the postracial fantasy of late capitalism” (16). Aimee Song’s company is a high priced and well-known brand that has an excellent reputation for the quality, and many celebrities have been photographed sporting her pieces. Her advantage of being Asian American also demonstrates that she has multiple types of consumers that want to buy her products. She has a significant Asian American following, a big influence on many people because many celebrities also sport her brand.

Aimee is considered to have joined the blogging and “influencer” era quite early, as she really started to focus on it in 2008. Her hobby turned into a blossomed career, she is considered to be one of the most famous and successful Asian American influencers. She has given other Asian American girls a role model to look up to; she fights the model minority stereotype in doing so, also supporting the representation of Asian American women in mass media. 

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