Film Festival Response- Jackie

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After putting together a hypothetical film festival with my group, I realized how much work goes into making and planning film festivals and the overall value of film festivals. I have never been to a film festival and I didn’t really know anything about them. After putting together which films we should show and finding a common theme around them, I realized how much insight, knowledge, and conversation can be gained from attending a film festival. Most people just watch a movie for fun, but having an event with multiple films forces the viewers to analyze the films individually and as a whole, and the viewers are more able to appreciate the work and art of a film rather than just watching a movie for entertainment.  Film festivals also allow for lesser-known filmmakers to gain exposure and appreciation, especially for their shorts, which are works of art equal to blockbuster movies but they are not given the same attention. I think film festivals are also a good way to learn about a theme and how its presented in the media. For example, my group discussed modern love. There have been a few popular movies that touch on homosexual relationships, but it was very interesting to see an Asian American representation of homosexuality and how the two identities intertwine in media.


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