Asian Americans in Social Media: The Fung Brothers by Kristine Chow

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The Fung Brothers are a Chinese-American duo on Youtube that focuses primarily on the Asian American experience and identity. Formed by two brothers Andrew and David Fung, Fung Brothers is now considered one of the most prominent and well-known Asian American Youtube channels. Their content in their videos range from food, comedy, and music.

Andrew and David Fung were raised by Chinese immigrant parents in Seattle suburbs and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career on stand-up. They rose to fame when some of their videos featured the Taiwanese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin. Soon, they expanded their video content to other topics such as exploring different Asian cuisines, discussing social issues that affect Asian Americans, and in general, comedy videos that are meant to be relatable to their Asian audiences.

The Fung Brothers have reached a point that they are making a seemingly large amount of economic revenue. As Minh-Ha Pham said in the book Asian Wear Clothes on the Internet :Race, Gender, and the Work of Personal Style Blogging, “ the dawn of the Asian decade, Asian personal style bloggers embodied fashion’s new ideal consumer, and they unwittingly became informational intermediaries. Their blogs provide consumers, retailers, and designers with an easily accessible storehouse of up-to-the-minute information about style trends and consumer values” (Pham 15). Although the Fung Brothers do not focus on selling things in their videos, they do participate in capitalist exchanges, such as promoting Supreme products.

The Fung Brothers also have their own website and sell their own merchandise, linking how Asian American icons on social media are changing the economics of pop culture and participating in it. The Fung Brothers are one of the most well-known Asian American influencers in social media that are affecting the market.

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