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Year of the Dragon: Hugo Anaya, Amber, Emmanuel

Year of the Dragon is a crime-drama film adaptation of Robert Daley’s book of the same name, which was released in 1985. Set up in New York’s Chinatown, other cities used in filming included Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Bangkok. Year of the Dragon tells the story of the complicated relationship between New York City’s Police Department and the Chinese Triad in regards to the management of crime happening in New York City’s Chinatown. Led by NYPD’s reassigned Captain Stanley White, a Polish American Vietnam War veteran, and Tracy Tzu, a television reporter; the two must work together to bring down newly appointed Chinese Triad leader, Joey Tai, in an effort to crack down on Chinese organized crime. The Year of the Dragon examines the main idea of racism, ethnicity, and crime organizations that exist in Chinatown. Oliver and Cimino both went to Chinatown for thousand banquets and have been criticized by the community for “making the gangster out of their ethnic pride.” listed the Year of the dragon as one of the most controversial films ever made”. The Asian American community and various organizations protested against the movie’s release accusing it of the racist and stereotypical depiction of Asian Americans. Protesters worried that the film would negatively affect Chinatown’s economy and safety. Responding to the controversy, in an interview with Jeune cinéma, Director Cimino said “The film was accused of racism, but they didn’t pay attention to what people say in the film. It’s a film that deals with racism, but it’s not a racist film.” The movie was also criticized for its sexist depiction of Tracy Tzu. Year of the Dragon combines “the neo-noir style and sensibility with a newer kind of post-Vietnam terror, loneliness, and paranoia”. The representation of Asian American shift from minority to majority. The repetition of the funeral scene represents the continuous loop of Yellow Peril in the Chinatown community.

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