Female Asian American YouTubers: Final by Ariana Callan

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This post is 1 of 4 in a series of posts on female Asian American YouTubers for my final.


YouTube is in many ways a space of empowerment and creativity for a multitude of people. It has become a popular space for almost anyone to create entertaining videos about anything- no matter how mundane. Although it could be a site for political demonstration, YouTube has ultimately been a space for something else: “YouTube users [are] interested in producing entertaining content to attract viewers—and thus advertisers—making YouTube ‘a location for fun, not for political dialogues’” (Guo Harlow 285). This means that many of its users can make full time careers out of what was originally seen as a hobby because of the site’s increasing focus on a space for entertainment. Five Asian American women have been able to capitalize on this new forum by creating lucrative careers on different subjects, and because they are usually the creators and producers of their content, these women have been able to create videos that reflect their own beliefs and interests. In the following blog posts, these women will be analyzed to see whether their ability to create their own videos has affected how Asian American women have been able to be projected as. While YouTube content creating can be a liberating source of self-expression for Asian American women, it also reinforces stereotypes and creates negative misconceptions.


Sources Cited:

Guo, Lei, and Summer Harlow. “User-Generated Racism: An Analysis Of Stereotypes Of African Americans, Latinos, And Asians In Youtube Videos.” Howard Journal Of Communications 25.3 (2014): 281-302. Academic Search Premier. Web. 3 Nov. 2015.


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