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There are a lot of well known beauty bloggers in the US, but very few Asian American beauty bloggers that have gained a huge following and turned their blogging into a career. Many of the beauty bloggers that I have followed are white, blonde or brunette, that come from a wealthy background, such as TheLondoner or The Blonde Salad or SomethingNavy. My favorite blogger is actually an Asian American blogger–Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook.

I admire Wendy Nguyen because of how she has come from nothing and built her brand on her own. She went through the foster care system, which didn’t let that stop her from becoming successful within her education and fashion. I think that she is someone to admire because she uses her power and her success to give back to marginalized communities, such as providing mental health services to the homeless community and educates students in the foster care system. I think this is an interesting thing to look at because in my presentation on Asian American vloggers, we thought about how these bloggers that are successful can use their success to their advantage and call out how the Asian American community is continuously marginalized. Although Wendy volunteers and “gives back,” she still does what she is passionate about, which is beauty, fashion and D.I.Y. I think that she is the perfect blend of blogger of passions and uses her success to provide for these marginalized communities that would have otherwise not been helped in the ways that she is helping them.

Nicole Zwiener

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