Rough Draft for Final- Ariana Callan

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Wendy’s Lookbook- Wendy Nguyen


Wendy Nguyen, the founder of Wendy’s Lookbook is constantly putting out videos. Although her focus is mostly on fashion, she occasionally strays in order to makes videos on trips and other more lifestyle topics. Her fashion videos are always creative and fresh in both format and content. She has over 640,000 followers.
An example of her creative works is 10 Essential Closet Items with Magic!, which uniquely describes her closet staples. While YouTubers will usually talk through these items, occasionally wearing the items shown in a spilt screen, she takes a different approach by showing instead of explaining. Nguyen does not fit into any Asian American stereotype prescribed by Gou and Harlow because she is so unique.
1. Go into more depth as to why she does not fit into a stereotype
a. Background, etc.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is possibly one of the most famous YouTubers of all time. She is the original “beauty guru,” which has entailed beauty videos that explain tutorials on how to look like famous characters to how to have red lipstick last through out the day. She currently has a little over 8.1 million subscribers. And she has many businesses outside of her YouTube channel- like a make up company.
As Phan has grown as a YouTuber, her tutorials have become more and more complex. In the intro of her video on creating the make up look for Daenerys Targaryen, she looks just like the character by not only wearing the make up and wig, but also an accurate costume and setting- a lot of effort for a 20 second intro for a seven and a half minute video.
Phan has been incredibly successful in her career as a YouTube beauty guru by not only have a successful channel, but also many other ventures, like a separate YouTube channel Fawn, a contract with Lancôme, and her own make up line named em. But even with her tremendous success, she has never been perceived as a yellow peril type figure. She is not treated as a threat towards other (white) women in the business.
2. Analyze video
3. Explain her importance to YouTube- especially since she is Asian American and female

Vagabond Youth- Amy Lee

Amy Vagabond is the youngest in this grouping, at just 21 years old. She is currently a student at UCLA studying communications and creates videos on the side in order to partially pay for her college tuition. She is a typical female vlogger in that she regularly posts hauls- where the creator shows off recent items they have bought with their audience- make up tutorials, lookbooks, and the like, but she is usually pretty creative in how she forms the videos. She has a youthful, edgy vibe to her videos that is not present in the others mentioned. She has 211,000 YouTube followers.
A bit more typical in her content than Wendy, Amy still spins a unique twist with her video style. She creates interesting transitions where they are usually not put. She also puts popular music on in the background.
On camera Amy does not seem to fit any particular Asian American stereotype, instead she seems to want to be more rebellious. But Amy still fits into the model minority category, not so much for her video content, but because of her background. She is incredibly smart and hard working (both at school and on her videos) and is attending an excellent university. Amy does not fit into any one stereotype perfectly, and is able to create a nuanced online persona.
1. Include interview from UCLA paper on her

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Reflection and Response on the 4th Asian Americans in Media (AAIM) Film Festival by Alex Zhao 2015 AAIM Film Festival Reflection

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  • 1. asianamericansinmedia  |  December 9, 2015 at 3:22 am

    Based on this post, I have a few comments on your final project on Asian Americans on YouTube. They are below:

    – How many posts do you intend to make? I believe this post is an outline of sorts, and that you will flesh out each of the three vloggers into individual posts, correct?

    – You should have an introductory post where you can introduce the project, layout its premise, argument, and scope—not dissimilar to an introductory paragraph in an academic paper. In it, you can also review the existing scholarship on the subject, and make your own thesis argument.

    – Think about how your readers and viewers navigate your page. For example, I think you should make the external links open up a new window, so that we don’t have to use the “back” button to navigate back to your blog post.

    – Your writing seems to be mostly reportage now: you are introducing each vlogger and what they make videos about, the format of their videos, and other information about them. In the final version, I would like to see you do more analysis of the content and form of their video blogs, as well as connections between your observations and existing media scholarship. You do not have to do footnotes and citations, but I would like to know what your sources are – when they are not identified in your posts themselves.


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