Film Festival Reflection 2015 – Noah Chang

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I was nervous for the film festival because I wasn’t sure how the turn out was going to be. I was feeling apprehensive because I was hoping we would have more time to organize our programs and promote the event. Knowing that we were students organizing a film festival amidst participating in classes and other extracurricular events with a target audience of students doing the same; I was expecting a modest turn out. Especially because the date of the festival was moved to the same date as the Big Pomona-Pitzer vs. CMS football game. I also wish that we would have had a bit more time to review the films and decide on the programs. However, despite our limited time and the various scheduling challenges with directors we overcame I think we put together two interesting programs that represented our class’s purpose and entertained the audiences.

It was a great experience to be able to meet the directors and get to know their personal stories. You could see the passion they had for film in their eyes. I could also tell that they were touched to be the focal point of our humble event as well. We got to learn a lot about the industry and about film. The lunch in the beginning was a good start to the festival as well. The food was nice and we were able to teach the directors things about Pitzer and current events around the campus’s. It was a very pleasant exchange.

I was happy to see that we were able to fill out the viewing room. It was a perfect setting for everyone to have a great view of the film comfortably. I was glad to see that so many people took interest in Asian American films and came to show support. The question and answer setting with the directors was a success in my opinion because the directors gave very good personal insight and information. The amount of questions also showed them that people were interested in their work which I’m sure they appreciated.

The survey responses showed that people appreciated the festival and that there should be more events like it on campus. I would have to agree, I think events like this are what the 5C’s stand for. In current times, I think they would also have a great effect on lowering racial tension and promoting intercultural acceptance. I think students walked away from it both informed and entertained from the material presented. I even had a classmate email me after the festival asking me to send him one of the films. Judging from that reaction, I think we did a good job and had a good time.

– Noah Chang

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