2015 AAIM Film Festival Reflection

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Thank you fellow classmates and Professor Ma for making the film festival possible.

It was a fun, tasty and enlightening occasion. Things went smoothly and pleasantly. Thank you Nina and Noah (just noticed our names begin with n’s) for organising the highly engaging and educational Resistance program and being phenomenal spokesperson and doorperson respectively. From the projectionist’s perch the audience was wide-eyed, seemingly enthralled, entertained and moved. The response was an encouraging and empowering one.

It was a privilege and pleasure to have the directors, and actor, in our midst. This is not a networking nor namedropping thing, but an opportunity to talk personally to the minds that crafted the works we studied, deliberated and ultimately decided on. During the pre-program luncheon with the directors and actor, the latter who was Asian American asked, ‘Are you Asian?’ ‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘Where are you from?’ ‘Hong Kong.’ ‘Oh.’ He explained that his surprise was due to momentarily forgetting that there were Asians other than Asian Americans and that my ‘accentless’ (American) accent was a contributing factor. He spent the following few moments musing in this rediscovery, surprised that it had slipped his mind in the first place.

Introductory small talk eventually developed into informing the guests on the events that had taken place on campus recently, namely the demonstration at CMC and Black Lives Matter march. UCLA director Jennifer Logia related this to the frequent political activities on her home campus. Later, after the Resistance program films screened and the Q&A session was in progress, the topic of recent Claremontian events was revisited. While Indian American director Arpita Kumar supported the idea of a safe space for people of colour at CMC, drawing from her personal experience as a person of colour in America, the aforementioned actor was unclear as to the rules regarding these spaces, i.e. white people having to be invited to enter, something I questioned a few days prior. Members of the audience explained the importance of a space for people of colour, administered by people of colour.

It was powerful to witness outsiders to our community investing interest and engaging with our little bubble and conversations surrounding some of the greater issues at hand.

– Nelson Tsui

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Film Festival Reflection 2015 – Noah Chang Reflection and Response on the 4th Asian Americans in Media (AAIM) Film Festival by Alex Zhao

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