2015 AAIM Film Festival Reflection – Milagros Montalvo

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As a Media Studies Major that plans to pursue a career in Television production,the idea of programming isn’t new to me. However, I still found myself nervous when I found out I had to, along with my class, program an entire film festival. Knowing how programming works and actually executing a film festival are two different things. I am really glad that I had previous experience working at a major film/TV company because it helped me a lot when figuring out how to go about programming a film festival.

I think the easiest part of the film festival was the actual event. The festival itself went smoothly, there was a good turnout, especially for the shorts programs. In my opinion the toughest part of programming the film festival was choosing the films to be in it. Everyone had different choices and it was hard to come to a general consensus. Personally, it was also hard for me to choose the films I wanted to be programmed into the festival. I had to approach the decision in a way that factored in what the public would want to see and for me to do that I had to kind of let go of my personal reasons for wanting a specific film, especially if the rest of the class was not interested in programming a film that I wanted. However, being in such a collaborative environment proved to be very beneficial because it helped me understand how programming really works when it comes to festivals.

Television programming isn’t very different from festival programming. Things like demographics, marketability, and audience are all taken into account when programming for both mediums. Putting this film festival together helped me realize what the audience at the 5C’s were; a topic I never though of before.

Having this film festival made me realize that we need more events like this on campus. We need students to see that Asian Americans are being represented in media and more importantly we need more events that bring up the topics of race and allow for dialogue. The results of the surveys that attendants took prove that this event was a success. I really hope we can have events like this where students on campus are able to talk about issues like race and minority representation.

This festival not only taught me how to work with others. It also taught me to how successfully execute and market a film festival. Being a part of this whole process helped me see all of the things that go into programming an event. And I hope to bring these skills with me to any future internship or job I have in the entertainment industry.

-Milagros Montalvo

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