2015 Film Festival Reflection

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I enjoyed the film festival a lot more than I had expected to, given how nervous I was for it. The entire process made me a little bit uneasy, knowing that we were a small handful of students who only spent about half the time in one of our four (or five) semester long classes trying to organize a film festival. I feel like most of us couldn’t really focus on organizing because we had so many other things going on. For everyone to even finish viewing the films in order to select the ones we wanted to show was a struggle in and of itself. Personally, I wish I could have committed more time and energy into organizing. I wasn’t able to finish all of the films by the time we discussed them in class and the latter half of organizing felt very rushed. On top of all this, we weren’t even the ones communicating with the filmmakers or officially taking care of finances.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the film festival itself and also the effect it had on those who attended. It was a privilege to be able to talk to the filmmakers in such a comfortable setting and see them as real people living real lives. While the turnout was fairly small, I think it contributed to the community aspect of the event since we were able to truly engage in dialogue with the filmmakers (especially during the Resistance program). I appreciated the relevant discussion about what was going on on-campus. In general, I think I appreciated the Resistance program more because it had the potential to leave attendees feeling more empowered. While representation is important, I personally value talking about an active Asian American identity because sharing stories and experiences helps us to grow together.

The majority of the evaluations indicated that people wanted to see more events like these on campus. Many evaluations indicated attendance driven by the desire to see more Asian American representation. While the ideal situation would be for there to be adequate Asian American representation in mainstream media, most people recognize that it isn’t realistic. This is why I see such value in events like this. Asian American filmmakers took matters into their own hands and we helped them to expand their audience. I am currently enrolled in next semester’s continuation of this class and am looking forward to reaching even more people.

Nina Lee
PZ  ’18

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Film Festival Response 2015 Film Festival Reflection

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