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Film Festival Response

At first, putting on a film festival seemed incredibly daunting. There were so many things as a group we had to do in order to put on the festival, like watching all of the films, figuring out when and where the event would take place, and putting together enticing programs. Even though the festival ended up only being one day with three events, there was still a lot of work that went into it. Because I was in charge of just showing Farah Goes Bang, it was relatively easy to put that event together, because there was no order or length of the program that I needed to worry about- it was already set. But even though there was not that much that needed to be done for the film, it was really helpful when other groups could help out, especially since I ended up sick during my event.

One major thing that I wish was different about the film festival process was that I would have like if it was easier to watch the films. Although I understand that these films were not supposed to be seen by the public prior, it was still hard for me to go and see the films sometimes. Getting and having the time to go to Pitzer for two hours at a time- multiple times- could become difficult when I also had other projects. But in the end, I liked how we were able to push the event into just one day. I think it made it all the more interesting with all of directors present through out the day. Lastly I was incredibly impressed with the turn out for the two shorts. It was packed in the room with a lot of people unable to find seating, which maybe was not desirable, but looked good for the directors.

For this class, we had mostly been focusing on East Asian films, so it was interesting to watch films with slightly different focuses. I liked working on Farah Goes Bang partially because of that. She is Persian American and the film is set during the Iraq War, so it’s interesting to see how she and her friends respond to racism while trying to work against it. In many ways it’s similar to how East Asian Americans were treated, but also incredibly different. I really regret not being able to actually meet Meera Menon, but she seems like an absolutely fascinating and successful woman.

Over all, I think that the festival turned out to be a great success, and something I am proud to have helped work on.


-Ariana Callan



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