Year of the Dragon and the HongKong gangsters

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blogAfter watching the film Year of the Dragon, I abruptly thought of the bandits films I saw in HK.  Year of the Dragon was published in the 1980s, when HongKong was still coloized by the British.  As a result, the situation there was completely different from what it was like in the mainland.  HongKong citizens had a much more distinct view of the world while people in the mainland didn’t have so much opportunities of going outside the country.

Hong Kong gangs, back in the 80s and 90s, caused much troble to the soceity.  They even have the power to fight against the Hong Kong government.  So it leads to many conflicts between the local police and the gangs and many films are made based on their conflicts.  In the film Year of the Dragon, the gangsters even took control of China town in America, and the film explained how American police won the war with them.  The gangsters are considered cold-blooded and thought provoking, while the police men is brave and tragical.  I wouldn’t say this film is racist, but the point of Chinese people taking control of a part of America leads to a strong public awareness of the growing nova, China.  However, although the power of the Chinese government is raising rapidly, Chinese people are least likely to invade another nation, as a matter of fact, it never happened in history.

There leads to a question of mine: why Americans are so afraid of other growing nation, especailly the Chinese?  Is it a sense of self protection or is it a call of immortal domination?



Bill Tang

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