Film Festival Reflections

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I am not a media studies major. I had a vague idea that we might be organizing a film festival when I received the class syllabus but I didn’t know what that entailed nor was I super enthusiastic about putting even more time into an already high-commitment class. That being said, I still really enjoyed organizing the film festival as a class. Not only did it give us a chance to interact and get to know each other outside of class, I think the film festival really presented a multifaceted representation of Asian Americans.

One of my favorite parts of the film festival was getting to interact with the filmmakers. I don’t even know who I talked to because I was too shy to ask (I felt like I was supposed to know already), but they were all incredibly nice and approachable. It was a nice change to talk to people who cared about Asian Pacific Islander (API) issues without feeling like I was on some cultural rampage to find my roots—a joke I often get when talking to my classmates at CMC about ethnic studies.

I was slightly disappointed by the turnout and the weather, but the latter was unavoidable. Though I tried my best to recruit my friends—something significantly more difficult when you’ve deactivated your Facebook account—I only managed to get a few to come. If it was that hard just to get my friends to come, I can only imagine that there was even less incentive for the general Claremont consortium public to come too.

Though I am still not a huge fan of the organizational aspect of film festivals, I have certainly gained an appreciation for the art. I hadn’t realized how powerful the influence of the pieces we chose could be. Many of our surveys were thankful for a “more realistic” representation of Asians, which I think is a great start for initiating dialogue surrounding API identity and other issues. I look forward to attending the next Asian Americans in Media Film Festival.

-Priscilla Hsu

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