Film Festival Reflection

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As a non-media studies major, I took a risk when taking this class. I had no idea what I was signing up for at the beginning of this semester, but as of right now, I have no regrets doing so. The film festival was, personally, a really fun experience. It gave everyone in the class a chance to get to know each other a bit more by means of working toward a common goal–to make this film festival a success. I was worried at first because I had absolutely no idea how to organize a college event, as I have had no prior experience. My group members for our subcommittee were very nice and were very open-minded to each of our ideas for promoting our portion of the film festival. 

My favorite part about this film festival was being able to meet the director of the film we were in charge of setting up for. Greg Cahill was very friendly and down-to-earth, contrary to my prior belief. I just had a very casual conversation with him briefly before the screening about what made him start his filmmaking career and what he is working now. I was actually very surprised when I found out he was caucasian; he definitely did his research on Cambodia to the point where I originally thought he was Cambodian before finding his picture on his website. 

Like my peers, I was fairly disappointed by the weather and the turnout for this film festival. I was able to have one of my friends attend my group’s screening on Saturday, but everyone else was allegedly “busy”. Through this film festival, I’ve learned that it is very difficult to get an audience for a college event, regardless of population size. I was also somewhat disappointed that I could not end the screening with my other two group members (it wasn’t their fault though!) because we had a very nice group discussion, rather than a Q&A session, with Greg after the screening. It was definitely interesting to hear other audience members’ opinions and questions about the film. 

I believe that I now have more of a sense of how to plan these types of events in the future. I greatly enjoyed this experience, and I hope I can do something like this again in the future with another class. 

-Josh Weiss

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The Legend of Korra (Personal Blog Post) Film Festival Reflection

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