Film Festival Reflection

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Like many others in the class, I had no idea that the film festival would be a component of the course, but it was truly the greatest surprise and such a wonderful opportunity to learn and bond from the planning stages to the actual execution of the event.

I think starting with the field trip to Visual Communications was the perfect way to get everyone excited for the possibilities the festival would hold. It was such a cool experience to even visit Visual Communications after reading about it, making what we were learning even more tenable and real. The actual screening of the films was probably my favorite part. I felt this sense of duty and responsibility which gave me incredible motivation and just an overall excitement when watching each film in Pitzer A/V. The best was when other people from class would be down there, all of us laughing to ourselves, or pausing the films to talk to one another about opinions. It was like we were some secret society, all bonding through the time spent together and through the media that we were consuming and sifting through.

I liked that we split up into smaller committees because it gave me an opportunity to connect with students I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know as well if we weren’t in the same group! I do wish that the community service aspect of Two Shadows (2011) would have worked out to happen this semester. Though Kasey, Josh, and I made a facebook event, it was really disappointing to see the small turnout on Saturday night. Yes, people are extremely busy this time of year. Yes, it was not expected to be a crowd-pleaser. Yes, the weather was gloomy and wet and perfect for staying in bed, but I still wish that we could have drawn in a larger audience. If I could go back in time and do it again, I would try to see if we could get it out in the Claremont Courier to draw in more village-folk, and go and present to more Asian American studies classes and the resource center/mentor programs.

But, overall, the planning and execution of the festival was a joy from start to finish. It was great to see the entire class working together towards one common goal, and for all of us to get to know each other and become friends throughout the process.

By Lauren Moon

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