Film Festival Reflection

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By: Melanie Zarrow

My experience of the Film Festival was informative and educational. My favorite aspect of the Film Festival was the preparation. Before being in this class, I had very little knowledge about Asian American experiences in the media and US society. I also knew little about Asian stereotypes, the idea of the “Yellow Peril” or the difficulty of Asian Americans gaining acceptance in society.

I specifically enjoyed learning about the model minority stereotype, because prior to this class, I thought it was true. Watching Model Minority was therefore an eye opening experience to me, and the discussions I had with my Asian American classmates about there experiences within the “model minority” paradigm.

In terms of preparing the film festival, I enjoyed the promotional aspects. I liked walking around the campuses putting up signs and posters, and I felt purposeful when talking to my friends about why these films are important to view (because many of them, like me, were unfamiliar with the difficulties facing Asian Americans. I was also very nervous to speak at our screening of Seeking Asian Female because I am not used to speaking in front of non-students (people from the community, the filmmakers, producers).

I liked the girls that were in my group and I thought we did a good job of delegating the work. I usually don’t enjoy doing group work because I have a difficult time dividing up the work and communicating. My group was great and definitely changed my perspective on group work in general.

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Film Festival Reflection “Token Race” Characters

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