Class Presentation- Kanna and Bill

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Kanna Jeyaseelan and Bill Tang

Asian American in Media

Class Presentation



Yellow Brotherhood, Homecoming Game, and Manzanar were independent films during the 1970s representing Asian Americans in different situations. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Asian American media community “emerged from the movements for racial and social justice and cultural affirmation” (Feng). Most of the time, the Asian American media arts were created by relatively small groups of diverse people from suburban southern California to New York’s Chinatown, and from the campuses at Los Angeles City College to Harvard University. All these diverse individuals had two beliefs in common. “The first was that being Asian American transcended the experience of being solely Chinese, Koran, or Japanese American. The second was a belief in the power of the media to effect social and cultural change, in response to the negative power of stereotypes in the mainstream media” (Feng). Also during this time, the required tools needed to create a media art became affordable for communities and individuals to use in a way that no others were able to do earlier. Many thought of media as an opportunity to replace the negative stereotypes of Asian Americans with more “authentic and affirmative images” (Feng).


Homecoming Game

Discussion Questions

 A.)  In comparison to Flower Drum Song, what difference and similarities do you see in these independent films from the 1970s?

–       Music

–       Dance

–       Language

–       Technical form of the film

–       Mis-en-scene

–       Production value

–       Black and White vs. Color

–       Etc. 

Show the dancing scene from Homecoming Game 

B.)  From the introduction, we know that these films were made to show the authentic side of Asian Americans compared to how Asian Americans are shown in mainstream films, do you agree with that?

 Transition from the dance scene to talk about music in the film 

C.)  How would you relate the music from Homecoming Game to the music in Flower Drum Song? (come up with follow up questions) 

-also talk about the board games, in Flower Drum Song, they are playing games but gambling, but in Homecoming Game, they are playing board games socially for fun. While talking about board games, bring up the language. There are Chinese words and Japanese words, and also the word Wasshoi (related to religion). 

D.)  Do you see any class difference between the films?

-talk about the scene in which the drunk guy is telling stories to a group of people.

Talk about the construction scene and ask the class what they think it signifies. 

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