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Kasey Taylor Film Festival Reflection

When I originally signed up for this course, I had no idea that we would be organizing a film festival. I assumed that, like many media studies classes, we would be watching and analyzing films as well as completing readings and writing papers. Upon learning that we would be organizing a film festival, I had no idea what to expect. I had only attended one film festival in the past, a large festival in Seattle, and was shocked that we would be ambitiously trying to organize such an event. 

Yet, as the project progressed, I realized the competency of our class. I loved screening the shorts and feature films. I was exposed to films I otherwise would never have seen and enjoyed many of them. Even the films I did not particularly enjoy, I found eye-opening. 

The most important part of the learning process for me was the planning of the event. Over the course of planning the festival, we considered every aspect, communicating with directors, advertising and publicizing the event, contemplating space, time and programming and organizing receptions. The process made me realize the huge amount of work required to organize any event, especially a film festival. Our group worked well together and efficiently organized necessary aspects of the event. Like Kayla, I learned the importance of communication, which, by the end of the planning process, our group was doing very well.

I think the most important aspect of planning was organization. Procrastination in the planning process would certainly have ended in disaster, as every component required forethought and time for completion. The venue had to be reserved early, the directors needed timely notice to attend the event and advertising required planning.

Overall, I’m very disappointed I was unable to attend the screening as the event seems to have been very successful. I would definitely consider planning events like this in the future and enjoyed the process.

-Kasey Taylor

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