Film Festival Reflection

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It’s safe to say that I can, at times, be a little bit of a control freak. I like order, and do everything within my power to maintain that order. So when I learned about the film festival assignment, I was a bit terrified apprehensive. Looking at all the logistical elements that needed to be taken care of simultaneously in order for the festival to be a success made me hyperventilate.

Luckily, my experience with programming this film festival calmed me down. Not completely, but enough to make a significant difference.

The biggest thing I took away from this experience was the importance of flexibility and improvisation. Of course, that’s not to say that planning isn’t important. It’s crucial to be as prepared as possible, especially when there are a large number of people coordinating various fragments in an attempt to create a cohesive whole. That way, theoretically, if everyone is prepared, then nothing can go wrong. But this festival did not only exist in theory. In practice, something inevitably happened, and tested my ability to accommodate unexpected changes.

As a sidenote, this experience highlighted the importance of communication. It’s quite difficult to be organized when members of a group are uniformed or unresponsive.

But back to flexibility. Despite our extensive planning, there was no possible way for us to account for everything. There were certain variables over which I had no control, so I had to accept that fact. All I could do was communicate with the other members of my group and I found myself exchanging emails with the filmmaker of our program until her arrival. At a certain point, I had to let go and let whatever happened happen.

I did learn about the intensive nature of programming, and was touched to see the solidarity displayed by filmmakers within our community. But the lesson I learned about having a more easygoing attitude is something that I will apply in my daily life.

By Kayla Dalsfoist

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Film Festival Reflection The New Watson

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