Film Festival Reflection

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Organizing the film festival was such an eye-opening experience. I loved coming to understand and appreciate the logistics of programming, from organizing the shorts, to marketing the festival, to helping with the reception. I especially loved how warm the filmmakers were. We didn’t have the biggest turn out, but they were so gracious about it. And though I was a bit nervous to talk to them, they seemed like really amazing people. I love that they unanimously decided to sit on the stage during the Q&A session when we realized there weren’t enough chairs for all of them to sit at the table. They brought a warmth and vivacity and that was infectious. And when they talked about their conception of home, and what they’d learned about their own identities through the process of making this film, I was surprised they were so open. I think I learned a lot from their candor.


I wish there had been a bigger turnout. Looking back, I think more marketing strategies needed to be employed. There is an interest in the issues we were looking at, I think we just weren’t able to adequately reach out to the students who would have been interested in it. I think it might actually be worth trying to spread out the program over a couple of weeks, just to address the issue of it being a bad weekend for someone. That is—if someone who was interested couldn’t make it on that weekend, there would be more opportunities for them. But aside from that one issue, I thought working on the film festival was really enjoyable, and I learned a lot. I wish more of my classes would culminate in a big event like this, because it really makes our progress in our understanding of Asian Americans in the media more tangible.

– Aliza Lalji

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Reflections on “Ekleipsis” Film Festival Reflection

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