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AAIM 2012 Festival Poster

Click here to download 11″ x 17″ PDF of poster (14MB)

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Engaging Pasts

ORGANIZED AND CURATED BY MS100 PZ (ASIAN AMERCIANS IN MEDIA) STUDENTS from films shown at the 2011 and 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
As part of the 3rd Annual Asian Americans in Media Film Festival, Engaging Pastsfeatures a collection of short films and videos that document Asian American histories and experiences ranging from soldiers in World War II combat to colonization and mass migration in the Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. These works deploy a myriad of ways to connect the past with the present, including the excavation of a forgotten Chinese community in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the recording of intimate familial relations and community ties through photography. These works look at history through different lenses: from oral histories, to dance and movement, to Nisei re-enactment in order to create unique and compelling stories that, when woven together, become part of the diverse tapestry of the Asian American historical experience.

-TO LIGHT (2011) Dir. Sheldon Chau
This documentary short follows the filmmaker’s father as he recounts the conflicts he faced when his family was forced to flee Vietnam in the 1970s. 

-JOURNEY (2011) Dir. Asiroh Cham*
Julie Thi Underhill was born to a Cham-French mother and an American father. As a mixed-race Cham American, she struggled to fit in, and to uncover her roots, travels to Vietnam and Cambodia.

-TWO SECONDS AFTER LAUGHTER (2011) Dir. David Rousseve
An experimental video inspired by Sri Susilowati’s* experience of leaving Indonesia to become a dancer in America.

-ALL AMERICAN (2011) Dir. Everett Lee-Sung
A young private in WWII awaits Nazi intrusion at any moment. In the panic, he learns what it means to be courageous as a fallen soldier leads him to question his true identity as a Japanese American soldier.

-MAGELLAN DOESN’T LIVE HERE (2012) Dir. Micki Davis*
Mario Borja, a craftsman and amateur historian, brings his crew back to Guam in a hand built Sakman, reconstructing a history of his people from Naval archives to a Pacific crossing. 

-THE CHINESE GARDENS (2012) Dir. Valerie Soe*
This documentary looks at a lost Chinese community in Port Townsend, WA, examining connections between past and present race relations in the United States.

-THAT PARTICULAR TIME (2012) Dir. Jeff Man*
Following Eddie Orisho’s sudden death in 2005, a decade’s worth of photographs he took documenting his Little Tokyo community in Los Angeles are discovered in his tiny studio apartment.

*Filmmakers that will be present for Q&A after the screenings
Hosted by: Isabella Michaelson, Cassandra Martinez, and Aliza Lalji

The program will be followed by a reception at 5:30PM 
Where: Room 217, Smith Campus Center, Pomona College

Come share delicious snacks and beverages with Festival filmmakers, organizers and other guests!

Check out our Facebook event here!

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