Film Festival Reflection

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In reflecting on the Mini Asian American Film festival I am quite pleased at how the festival turned out. The group process was very successful. I enjoyed being able to focus on a particular program and work on it from start to finish rather than working a little bit on each one. Jasmine and I worked very well together on the shorts program; Finding Our Voices. We did a great job dividing up tasks like who would write the intro, the blurbs and the bios. In retrospect I think the only thing our class could have done better would have been to promote the festival more so that more people would show up. From programming and organizing the festival I learned the importance of communication not just within programming groups but between groups. I also learned that when putting together programming it’s important to have shorts that really go together and work around a central theme. It is one thing to watch films by Asian Americans in class and discuss all of the potential motives behind the film and what they might have been trying to accomplish but another to actually hear the real reasons from them first hand. One example of this that really struck me was listening to the writer of Raspberry Magic talk about how she wrote this movie because she hadn’t seen any real depictions of South Asians in mainstream media. I learned a lot about the process of filmmaking from the writers/directors/producers that joined us. It was really interesting and a little intimidating to hear about how expensive and difficult it is to finance a film. My views on Asian American media defiantly changed. Watching the movies in class and screening them on my own didn’t give me a sense of just how important independent filmmaking is. In my personal opinion even though it was not too difficult a transition moving from Broad Center to Benson I think it would have been nice to have the festival in one venue. I also think there was a bit too much time between screenings. Overall I was happy with how the festival went and all my friends who came really enjoyed it.
-written and posted by Megan Kilroy

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Who Killed Vincent Chin? (1987) Film festival reflection (Jasmine Kim)

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