Raspberry Magic Friday Nov. 5th @ 7PM

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RASPBERRY MAGIC (2009) Dir. Leena Pendharkar
Location: Benson Auditorium

11-year-old Monica Shah (Lily Javaherpour) believes raspberries are
“the perfect balance of sweet and sour, the good and the bad.” Her
father has just lost his job and left his family, her mother has
fallen into depression, and now her little sister refuses to go to
school. It’s up to Monica to bring them all back together, all while
trying to win the science fair by proving human touch makes raspberry
plants grow faster. RASPBERRY MAGIC offers an inspiring tale of love’s
power to reunite and the value of following your dreams.

Though the family at the center of RASPBERRY MAGIC is Indian,
questions of race and ethnicity are not front and center of this
kid-safe film. Beyond physical appearance and fusion cooking, the Shah
family is the same as many a family down on its luck. Their economic
struggles are met with less than responsible reactions on the part of
the adults, but in their failings, Monica’s heartwarming maturity is
given a chance to shine. It is gratifying to find a young girl in the
role of the dorky but lovable science nerd. Full of brains and
perseverance, Monica is a protagonist we can really root for as she
navigates stumbling family members, mountains of dirty dishes, science
fair sabotage, robots, and the magic of raspberries.

(88 min.)
In Person (via Skype): Leena Pendharkar and Megha Kadakia, Producer

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