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Chinese Baby JELLO Ad

While on youtube I came across this video. It is an ad for JELLO from the 1950s or 1960s. I thought it would be appropriate to share it with you.
This commercial features a Chinese Baby trying to eat Jello with chopsticks. His mother brings him “great western invention. Spoon” and the little Chinese baby is able to eat his JELLO.
This ad is racist on many levels.
The most pronounced in the use of pidgin english by the narrator.
The use of the stereotypical gong and music is also very racist.
Another subtler racist aspect to this commercial is the spoon. By showing that chopsticks are ineffective for eating JELLO and an American spoon is needed it is implied that in order for the Chinese to be happy and to prosper in this country the chinese need to assimilate to our ways and become more “American”.

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Guest Speaker in MS100: Abraham Ferrer


Asian Americans in Media (MS100 PZ) is extremely pleased to welcome guest speaker Abraham Ferrer, Exhibition Director at Visual Communications, to the Claremont Colleges. Mr. Ferrer will be speaking about the history and mission of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, which he has directed for over 20 years. This event will also launch the Mini Festival of Recent Asian American Films, which the students in MS100 will program and organize as a part of their course work.

Click on the image to visit the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival web site

Abraham Ferrer is the Exhibitions Director at Visual Communications, a Los Angeles-based Asian Pacific American media arts center. Since 1988, he has served as the co-director of The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival; and has additionally curated numerous film and video screening programs as part of Visual Communications’ various ongoing screening series. He has also programmed screening series in collaboration with various community arts organizations and institutions including the American Film Institute, the Black Gallery, the Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture, Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Japanese American National Museum, the L.A. Festival, L.A. Freewaves, the Museum of Contemporary Art, UCLA Film & Television Archive, William Grant Still Art Center, and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Mr. Ferrer has also served as a program consultant for international film festivals including the Cinemanila International Film Festival, Cinemasia Asian Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival, San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival, and has written extensively on issues relevant to the development of Asian American cinema.

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