Presenting the first Asian Ken: Japanese Ken

September 10, 2010 at 11:28 pm Leave a comment

Japan Ken

Yes, you can now pre-order JAPAN KEN (the first in a series of Asian Ken dolls) who goes on sale in December 2010!

Features include:

  • Japanese-styled clothing (I’m sure most people in Japan dress like this today)
  • Samurai inspired sword (Words like “katana” or “wakizashi” are too foreign for kids!)

I look forward to more in the Asian Ken series, like Fu Manchu Ken complete with coolie hat.

I’m still sad that Japan Ken isn’t a businessman in a suit complete with cigarette.

It’ll be great when he tries to date Computer Engineer Barbie, only to be rejected in favor of Caucasian Ken. Sorry, but them’s the breaks Asian Ken! You can always hang with Japan Barbie. Though she might also go for Caucasian Ken….

-Written and posted by Jonathan Soon

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