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Discussion for The Good Earth and Fu Manchu films (Wednesday 2/4)

Please prepare for class on Wednesday by selecting a scene from THE GOOD EARTH  and one of the two Fu Manchu films (DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON and THE MASK OF FU MANCHU). We will watch the clips in class and discuss them.  You can post your selection by resonding to this post.  I expect all students from the class to post, but we may not get to everyone’s selection due to time constraints—so we will start with the scenes the most people in class have selected.

When making your selection, please be specific about the scene: at what point in the film did it occur?  What action and develops took place?  And which characters were involved?  Please limit your clip to about 5-10 mins.  Also, when making your selection, tell us why you selected this scene—what is its significance in the film?  Does it tell us something about the larger discussion—in relation to race and representation, filmic language, popular culture, etc.—we have been having in class?

Lastly, please formulate at least one question with your selection to initiate discussion in class.  I will be referencing your selections as I prepare for class on Wednesday afternoon, so please post before noon on Wednesday.  And don’t forget to sign your posts.  Thank you!

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Fu Manchu in Star Wars?

See and decide for yourself – clip from Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace (1999)

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